• 10 maanden geleden


    But wait; in the e4! line after ..Rc3 there is Rc4!! and bxc4 b4!, winning!

  • 23 maanden geleden


    JGambit: That is very true, but I still pat myself on the back for even considering such options, it shows that at least I have tactical awareness ingrained in my brain now!

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Padrino I find myself often thinking what you think, The difference between us and GM's is they can often see when these moves dont work as well ;)

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Good time of day to you.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    What a nice video and such a wonderful presentation. Smile

    Thank you so much, sir!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    All the "Carslen" moves mentioned in this video (including the rook sac) were moves I considered almost immediately when looking at the different positions. At first I thought I was just considering suicidal attempts that wouldn't work. Imagine my surprised when GM Yermolinsky showed them a minute afterwards!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Good video.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    I like the title too, but I'm not convinced this video is worthy of it. It would make more sense if Alex actually got Carlson's opinion on a certain position or if positions were shown that are similar to positions Carlson has played in. Right?
  • 2 jaar geleden

    GM AlexYermo

    The sound should improve as I'm upgrading my computer equipment.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    The voice of a russian don (in hollywood movies.. Tongue Out )... love it

  • 2 jaar geleden

    FM MikeKlein

    Doesn't this voice just put you in a happy place?

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Welcome Alex. Excellent 1st video. Perfect pace. Very understandable. very interesting.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    I am interesting it crazily.


    ilove it

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Oh man...Rc4 is outstanding.  I completely missed that

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Haha.. I can almost imagine #WWMD trending as a result of this lecture series. Looking forward to it!

  • 2 jaar geleden

    IM DanielRensch

    This really is going to be a great series.

    I will now start living my life by the simple rule of: WWMD! Wink

    Thanks Alex!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Never mind; you did it at ~17:56; you tricky guy you!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    @ ~ 11:50 can't white play:

    Rc4,   bxc4


    And the c-file is blocked and the pawn Queens?

  • 2 jaar geleden


    It's the Yerminator! Maybe he can get Ronen to defect to and make some videos too.

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