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    revisited: May 27, 2016

     Attack in the direction of "pawn chain" ( Pawn on 5th for white !!!)

     Thanks for the very important clarification !!! 

    ~ I also thought that the pawn chain on the fourth was very significant~

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    Please continue this series! :)

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks everyone.

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    PLEASE continue this series on the Yugoslav Attack and English Attack.  This is some of the most intersting and informative stuff I've seen on this site.

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    IM Rensch is always the most entertaining, so just watching him solve puzzles or play blitz is already fun. And I usually learn something in the process. But this is a whole new level. Going through the evolution of theory in an opening, making not just the individual moves but the future plans and responses of both sides make sense - this is why I'm a diamond subscriber!

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    Again - awesome - thank you
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    Thank you.It certainly heps explain my lack of success with the traditional dragon so I've statred to play Rb8.Did you do a follow up video on the Chinese  Dragon somewhere as I havent found it on Chess.Com.

    Once again thanks for a very clear video.

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    Thanks Danny. One question. If you play the position on against the computer in your link on the right. After white Nd3-e2, blacks Bd7xg4! Then if white e3-h6 and then g4xf3.  This sacrifice seems to ruin whites chances for a mating attack. Any thoughts? Also Flickers, LOL!!! Your funny. 

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    Good!....Dec. 15, 2014

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    hey Danny!!! unleash the chinese Dragon!!! it is time now

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    good video

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    where is the next part ??

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    Please sir, some more P.S. 101

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    Daniel, this video is very timely and useful to me, but I am writing to say that this format, where you follow the evolution of an opening over time is very instructive and help us understand specific move choices ("why can't I do this?"). I highly encourage coaches to follow that approach when teaching an opening in video format. Thank you.

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    Daniel, thank you for explaining the reasons behind the directional attack at the end of the video.  That was really helpful.

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    I thought it was "Check, checkmate"

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    March 1st...still wont video play

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    Great video, I actually started to play the Dragon (Soltis variation) since a while, but I might need to reconsider. White's position seems to be a lot easier to play and it makes a lot of sense. 

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    how can I - what can I say - before seeing the conclusion ?

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