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    I enjoyed this video.

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    Thanks for sharing one of your worst games, it shows still you have true talent for the game and a great fighting spirit to not let that loss deter you from your rise to GM Wink

    No shame in a loss, we're only human! I hardly care what the computer analysisys says tbh, I see a position, a game, if I failed, I failed. If I won, I won, but playing real-life otb chess is SO much more intense than a lot of people realize. 

    Despite owning Houdini 3.0, do you know what engine I'm taking to this weekends' congresss? Gut Instinct 1.0 Wink

    Yeah sometimes computers can show us these crazy lines etc but how valuable is is otb??...

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    Nick - because his preparation was better, we should eliminate preparation? Should we also eliminate tactics from chess because sometimes someone's tactics is better?

    Preparation has always been a part of chess. I can't stand it when people propose such rediculous solutions to something that isn't even a problem.

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    His opening preparation was better then yours.  Chess960 needs to become the standard and we can get back to playing chess.

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    One may reach a position Houdini likes, but then one must play like Houdini to convert.... 

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    Chess can be difficult like in this game an unclear (to human understanding) position arises. Sometimes its better to take the less risky move and avoid wild complications. Simple development (of the rook) and king safety (castling) was never achieved because of winning the exchange. Add the time it would take to achieve those objectives and it's easy to see that material isn't always enough.

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    Great analysis about computer engines, practical play, and preparation!

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    Not very informative

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    Thanks for sharing, Sam.  GG

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    NM Petrosianic

    Hmm...familiar game.  Good point about ...Nb6 instead of Qh4.  Assuming Ftacnik's GM repertoire series book on Scheveningen/Najdorf? 

    I saw this game before and recall maybe you would have been ok with Bf6 instead of Pf6 and then maybe to strike out with ...h5 or something although not the point of the video.  Your assessment of your own chances may have been a bit pessimistic although objectively and practically the line's just not that good for Black.

    I guess if you're able to go from 22 to 2500 in a few years, maybe there is some hope for the rest of us.  Your videos and chess keep getting better - keep it up!  Matt

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    Houdini had the position dead equal until the Qc6 blunder.

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    8:34 that sure is a LO-O-O-O-O-NG run

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    Thanks........every little thing counts

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    was there ever a chance to sac the exchange back to kill this monster white bishop? even after you moved the king it doesnt activate the rook but gives a crucial square to run.

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