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    i dont want to get b4ed lol. really fun video.

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    This is very advanced and complex for sure... as I don't play 1.e4 I never get into these types of positions so I find them harder to understand than all the situations that arise from 1.d4 - but all the same a great video and I'm gonna watch the second part now Smile

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    between Danny Rensch's video serieson the Yugoslav pawn structure, and all the other videos and discussions about the Yugoslav attack I feel like I should be an expert at playing white against the Sicilian Dragon, unfortunately I always seem to forget the moves and the move order, like within the first 10 moves of the game, and I end up playing moves that cause the game to be nothing like what I see in the videos Frown

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    itd be nice for someone to explain to me why white can't just take the pawn on b5, yea, it opens lines for the rook, but I don't see a whole lot. everything seems protected on because of bishop on e4.. Most players i play against take it and I do not know how to respond.

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    Need part two!

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    Is vid on mobile?

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    You have a funny habit of talking about prep you have that you aren't going to share... maybe it would be better to just not mention it?  :)  :P

    Anyways, cool game, it's interesting to see your progression as a chess player and the games / tournaments that led you to where you are today.  Looking forward to part 2.

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    white can organize an attack. but i won't show how because i'm a jerk Surprised

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    Le quang liem, the Vietnam strongest chess player

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    wow i was almost first on one of these

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    So sharp I'm surprised my eyeballs aren't bleeding.  Thanks for a wonderful presentation; looking forward to the conclusion.

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