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    I think most players below ELo 2000 know how to attack the king side . They would know atleast some patterns. However , they are all at sea when it comes to Queenside attacks. I have seen many players trying to attack the Kingside even when they are supposed to attack the Queen side . Here in this video ,as Roman clearly points out at 5.20 the move b5-b4 by Black shows lack of understanding as to how to attack the Q-side. I think a series of lectures on Queen side attacking patterns would not be out of place. Also I have not seen many books on this subject. Thanks.Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Dzindzi's remarks about horrible moves are comical. unfortunately I do those "horrible moves" many times in a single game!

    Thanks Dzindzi, great lecture.

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    This site it's what i need to upgrade my game :D  

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    wow this video has really been here for a long time

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    I think DZ commenting low ranked games is more instructive than those of GM s (at least for me), he can explain better mistakes we often do, THANKSSmile

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    this video has been here for a long time

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    This game was full of mistakes that one might commite rarley, so pick the game that we can learn something the way I always liked your  style of videos.

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    Good video.   I understand this low rated player with the bad positional moves because I do the same.  My guess is, he doesn't know the openings NoR the right lines, (as I don't), so he is going to make those "terrible and not making sense" moves.  It's why we watch these vids!

    Thanks GM. do make it bearable to watch the mistakes that we low rated players make, because it's a great opportunity for funny vids. :P

    Your devoted follower :D  

    Goofy chess player

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    Watching this video makes me think I should start watching more videos played by patzers like myself instead of only watching games played by GMs. Of course the GM games are way better played and more instructive, but there's still plenty to be learned by watching blunderfests like this one.

    AND GM Dzindzichashvili's  straightforward commentary is always entertaining!

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    This says video not found what happened ?

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    at 4mn49, after c4, why not bxc3 and white is worse?

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    I think GM Roman's blood pressure rose 20 pts after analyzing this match.

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    Just goes to show the importance of playing prophylactic moves that resrict the enemy's most active pieces! :)

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    hey guys you should watch dzinchihachvili wing gambit, its so funny

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    @ jcasey91

    The pawn on b2 is going as well then Rc8 adds pressure on the pinned knight(white had to play Qd3 after the Knight fork on c2) forcing the other rook to c1 and the passed a pawn can march down the board. I haven't looked at ideas where white brings the knight on f3 back but it doesn't look good.

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    To clear up a few things about the game:


    1) I didn't give the black player's name because he is a minor. 

    2) It was an OTB games with a time of 2 hours for the whole game with 5 second delay. 

    3) The database search happened after the game was over as I was trying to analyze my own play.

    4) Black's rating was not provisional.  

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    This has to be one of the most unintentionally funny videos I've ever watched. Thank you, GM Dzindzichashvilli!

    I assume this was a correspondence game if white used a database to help him make some of his opening moves. But GM Dzindzichashvilli is absolutely correct...the king's knight typically belongs on e2 in the Closed Sicilians because white wants to play an early f4 with the idea of (hopefully) giving him some king side attacking chances. I remember awhile ago I decided to play a Closed Sicilian (after having not played it in a long time) and completely forgot about this point...ended up getting checkmated 15 moves or so later after some other mistakes.

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    probably some very important person

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    Yay I am the 10th person to comment!

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    Agrees with Quanta.Yeah i had to pause the video cause I was lmao "Zees is positional decision from zee hell "

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