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    Fantastic game!!

  • 20 maanden geleden


    Thanks Coach Melik.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Thank you Grandmaster Melik.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    This is great, it's taken me a while to start watching the last few weeks' videos because of otb games, blogs, reading material... then I see this great game!! Amazing strategy - g5!! a similar concept I used to "arrest" a bishop in my last tournament, your enthusiasm for the game shines through here and this is top-quality chess!

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Very good game and thanx for this lesson!

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Nice lesson

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Very interesting game and highly instructive analysis. Thanks for sharing!

  • 4 jaar geleden


    That's very impressive. I'll never be able to see far ahead like that; but I understand about putting on pressure and making your opponent prove it's wrong. Good old Ruy Lopez, eh; what year was he from? 1560, or something. ha. ha.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    By far the best video series to understand deep thinking in chess. Please mentor GM Shankland so his video series are more usefull. Thanks. 

  • 4 jaar geleden


    High level chess always seems so logical once it's explained.  It may be a cliche to say even a bad plan is better than no plan but that doesn't make it any less true.  The clarity of your thought processes, and the honesty with which you describe them, is inspirational.  Thanks.

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