Zurich R4: Carlsen Wins Again, Anand & Aronian Also Score

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  • on 02-02-14 11:49.

Magnus Carlsen also defeated Fabiano Caruana on Sunday and so the World Champion reached the splendid score of 3.5/4, or rather 7.0/4 as in Zurich the players get two points for a win and one for a draw. Vishy Anand scored his first victory of the tournament against Boris Gelfand, while Hikaru Nakamura suffered his second loss in a row at the hands of Levon Aronian.

Today must have been a special day for Levon Aronian. Main sponsor Oleg Skvortsov has invited many special guests to his tournament, but today a very special guest came to the Savoy Hotel to watch the round: French/Armenian singer (and songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat, as Wikipedia adds) Charles Aznavour. No introduction needed, so instead here's a video of the concert Aznavour gave on his 80th birthday, on 22 May 2004:

Born in Paris (to Armenian immigrants) as Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian, the 89-year-old legend chatted with Aronian before the round, played 1.Nf3 for his chess friend and then took a seat in the first row to watch the games of round 4. Having Nick Schilder at Tata was nice, but this was simply extraordinary!

Aznavour chatting with Aronian...
...making the first move...
...and then watching the games

Aznavour saw Aronian win a fine game against Hikaru Nakamura. The world #2 decided to play a line in the Fianchetto King's Indian which he had looked at long ago. “The line doesn't offer White much but Black has to play very precisely,” said Aronian. White had two pawn islands against three for Black, and more active pieces. Soon he got a passer on a6 and with it a winning position.

It seemed that Nakamura hadn't fully recovered yet from the drama the other day when he said: “Somehow I felt I could play any move and I would lose today.”

The round saw three winners, and one of them was Vishy Anand. The Indian hadn't won a classical game since his game with Alexander Morozevich at the Tal Memorial (though it must be noted that after that event he only played the match with Carlsen.) While keeping objectivity, it's good to see Anand back to playing the chess he's capable of!

In a Slav with 4...Bg4, the middlegame was quite sharp due to opposite castling. Gelfand might have missed a chance on move 22, when he could push his e-pawn. Instead, he employed a dubious knight maneuver which gave Black the opportunity to grab the initiative. Anand won the ensuing ending with heavy pieces remarkably quickly - he was surprised about it himself as  well.

Magnus Carlsen won another entertaining game with the white pieces today. He defeated Fabiano Caruana in an opening that's not always leading to such interesting play: the trendy Berlin Ruy Lopez with 4.d3 and 5.Bxc6. Caruana's queenside castling was slightly risky, and with a strong positional exchange sacrifice the World Champion got a position where he could play for two results.

“It was a fun game. After the opening I was attacking and it was really difficult for him to defend and that's why he collapsed in the end. It wasn't that spectacular and my moves were suggesting themselves, but that doesn't mean it's easy to defend,” said Carlsen.

Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 | Results & pairings

Round 1 30 January 15:00 CET Round 2 31 January 15:00 CET
Carlsen 1-0 Gelfand Gelfand ½-½ Caruana
Aronian 1-0 Anand Anand 0-1 Nakamura
Nakamura ½-½ Caruana Carlsen ½-½ Aronian
Round 3 1 February 15:00 CET Round 4 2 February 15:00 CET
Aronian ½-½ Gelfand Gelfand 0-1 Anand
Nakamura 0-1 Carlsen Carlsen 1-0 Caruana
Caruana ½-½ Anand Aronian 1-0 Nakamura
Round 5 3 February 13:00 CET
Nakamura - Gelfand
Caruana - Aronian
Anand - Carlsen

Zurich Chess Challenge 2014 | Round 4 Standings

# Name Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pts
1 Carlsen,Magnus 2872 ½ 1 1 1 7.0/4
2 Aronian,Levon 2812 ½ 1 1 ½ 6.0/4
3 Nakamura,Hikaru 2789 0 0 ½ 1 3.0/4
4 Caruana,Fabiano 2782 0 ½ ½ ½ 3.0/4
5 Anand,Viswanathan 2773 0 0 ½ 1 3.0/4
6 Gelfand,Boris 2777 0 ½ ½ 0 2.0/4

Photos © Maria Emelianova. The Zurich Chess Challenge consists of five rounds of classical chess, played from Thursday to Monday (30 January to 3 February), followed by a rapid tournament with reversed colors on the last day (4 February). You can follow the live games here on the official website. 

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  • 3 jaar geleden


    I didnt not Expect that Anand will play like this in tournament. I thought he will play the best to continue his rivalry with Carlsen but....

    I am a fan of Anand but after this  I am a fan of Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen performance was fantastic and marvellous in all games.I expect Carlsen yo win this tournament.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    well, magnus alexander already won the 1st place

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Much more nice if Kramnik & Karjackin were here in this elite field. Carlsen had loss to Karjak (rd9 Tata 2012). Nowadays, Magnus is almost unbeatable.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    There you are Carlsen :) THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. lol :) to all bitters and haters about carlsen's play, well keep on that track hahaah YOU WILL NEVER BEAT HIM accdg to your blaaa blaaa blaaah ahhaha. YOU! YOU! YOU! you such s loser same with your favorite player here... :)



  • 3 jaar geleden



  • 3 jaar geleden


    Aronian and Carlsen have battled hard and fierce since Magnus was a kid and Aronian in his teens. In particular, Tripoli knock-out tournament comes to mind, where two of them were paired and it went to sudden-death, I think. Those two will battle out for the crown in the very near future

  • 3 jaar geleden


  • 3 jaar geleden


    This is what a world champion should be like!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    @adrian kinnerlsey...not the highest ELO ratings. because those are calculated like every month, but highest Live Elo Rating...

  • 3 jaar geleden


    "Great tournament for Carlsen and Anand"

    For Carlsen it is for sure, but Anand has a 2702 performance compared to Carlsen's 3128 so some difference there.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    @ Mulaton

    Oh yeah! there was no great champion after fischer...

    But there is this one guy, he was "pretty" good..what was his name again? I forgot... OH YEAH... ANATOLY KARPOV. 

  • 3 jaar geleden


    why most comments are predictions ?

    why most people are not talking about beauty of chess games played above in comments?

    Everyone wanted to be predictors of future which is always uncertain.

    Is there any betting going on to predict the winner ? am so curious

  • 3 jaar geleden


    interesting and funny at the same time how people creates mechanism of self-defense to protect themself from an overwhelming information to their brain.

    Anand was a good champ but no a great one, for one main reason. he lived under kasparov's shadow until  he left. 


    Chess was in a big need of a great super star until carlsen topped the list. It always happens, it happened when capablanca, fischer and kasparov left. 

    it no matter whether anand vist a psychologist or not, Carlsen has arrived to stay as the next super star.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Anand ought to consult a sports psychologist to find his winning ways back.  He has the moves deep in his head but he is mostly 'offline' lately.  To connect to his own head he needs a specialist - something he has been disdainful of in the past.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Trust me if this tournament was before the Tata, the result would definitely be a different from how we have it now.  Energy to concentrate and sharp focus is very important.  Aronian won the Tata definitely help him compare to the other three.  I think the best bet against Carlsen right now is Aronian and Caruanna.  I don't know if Kramnik can keep up with Carlsen after 4 hours of play and in endgames.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    very good ANANDLaughing

  • 3 jaar geleden


    All the games were one sided & this is the beauty of chess. Tongue Out

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Naka was just expressing how he felt and the difficulty of continuing to play chess under such circumstances.  It's nice that he feels he can express his emotions honestely in the chess community.  After all, what happened to him was just horrible.  He remains a champion.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Aronian is definitely Carlsen's fiercest competition, and I never really thought much for Naka. Don't get me wrong. He's creative and has my respect as a super gm, but he doesn't really do it for me. Gelfand and Anand are old tired played out drawmasters. Caruana will be the Keres of his day if he takes it up a notch. Carlsen is the sheeyat as usual.  Poor Radjabov fell off the face of the earth. He was three and four last year and look at him now.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    rorschach1985 yes, but with these two shining, it is hard to not look bad. though Gelfand has recently been playing poorly.

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