Carlsen Beats Anand Again, Leads 4-2 - UPDATE: VIDEO

  • PeterDoggers
  • on 16-11-13 07:03.

On Saturday Magnus Carlsen increased his lead in the World Championship match against Viswanathan Anand to 4-2. In a quiet Ruy Lopez, the 22-year-old Norwegian equalized comfortably, got a slight initiative, won a pawn, then another one but the rook ending was probably still drawn. However, Anand again failed to find the best defense and had to resign at move 67.

And he did it again. With an almost unprecedented will to win, Magnus Carlsen ground down Vishy Anand in another rook ending to take a two-point lead in the match. The cold, engine-driven evaluations were constantly saying "draw", but the practical problems Anand had to solve again proved to be too much for the 44-year old Indian GM.


Avoiding the Berlin Ending with the move 4.d3 seemed like a good practical decision by the World Champion, and his 10.Bg5 got Carlsen thinking for 25 minutes. From move 15 onwards, it was clear that Anand was going to try his luck on the kingside. Step one was to try and land a knight on f5.

However, Carlsen found a number of excellent maneuvers and when all the minor pieces were traded it was clear that Black was at least equal. In fact, after 26...c4! it suddenly became clear that it was the Norwegian who was playing for a win.

With a timely exchange, Carlsen left his opponent with a bad pawn structure but the question was how he would improve further. “I thought I got a pretty solid position out of the opening. Then at some point I was little bit better but nothing much was going on.” But then, Anand either “sacrificed or blundered” a pawn, as Carlsen put it at the press conference. Asked about his surprising 38.Qg3, Anand said: “What can I say, some days it just goes like that.”

Carlsen obviously took the pawn, and it was clear that he was going to torture his opponent for quite some time. “After that I got a very good rook ending but I am not at all sure if it is winning,” the challenger said. As he allowed h4-h5 Anand was well on his way to draw the game anyway, until Carlsen found one more miniplan. “I had one little trap, this Kf4-Ke3 etc. Fortunately he went for it.”

Both players felt that it was all over when Black got Ke3 in, but analysis shows that there was still one more chance to draw with White, missed by Anand, on move 60.

Vishy Anand was clearly upset. “I mean, today was a heavy blow. I will not pretend otherwise. Nothing to be done, you just go on.” A Norwegian journalist asked how he would deal with it, to which Anand answered: “Well you just do your best.” The same journalist wanted him to elaborate on his answer, to which Anand answered: “Doing your best means doing your best. I dont know why you don't understand English?”

Sunday is another rest day. On Monday the second half of the match starts, with Vishy Anand again playing with the white pieces. He needs a win soon.

The players in the rest area, minutes before the start of the game
Anand getting his tea, like every day
Carlsen arrives, and the players shake hands — Anand doesn't look up
Still many media are represented in Chennai
Another Berlin, but we won't see the ending this day
Vishy Anand deeply concentrated and under pressure
Carlsen obviously more relaxed, sitting on a 3-2 lead

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  • 3 jaar geleden


    It means you do the best you can, under any circumstances, even if it is not enough, because that is all you can do, do your best.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Me is still not understands what anand is meant by "well you just do your best". What does this riddle is saying?

  • 3 jaar geleden

    SlayMaster_RSA a group for King Magnus Carlsen!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    shut up u r mouths and watch the game and learn it 

    all of u///////////

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Smoothking, if 67.Ra1, then Re6 is decisive! because Re1 is winning in all lines....

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Can someone tell me what Carlsen would play if Anand made his last move rook to a1 instead of rood to a8. It looks like Anand might force a draw. Perhaps by exchanging his rook for  carlsen`s pawn & rook with an assist from  his(Anand`s) king

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Astounding reading some peoples ' personal attacks ' and totally unfounded accusations toward 2 great chess players. So much anger when the player they support or like loses?!?

    Enjoy the game and the fact we are here to witness a great spectacle irrespective of the outcome......

  • 3 jaar geleden

    darwinna70 your best!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    I'm completely amazed that nobody has commented on how cute is Carlsen's sister.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    To draw another comparison between Carlsen and Tal - young (and even not-so-young) Mikhail Tal would also often wander off the board after making his move.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Taylor1313; it's fair to wonder, but Carlsen is young and likely restless - perfectly natural for him to get up and move around often, and he's likely watched closely even when out of the room.

    Acoeus; I agree that wild accusations of cheating are unfair, but you really do need to calm down. It's an internet forum, no need to get so riled up.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    i wonder who the norwegian journalist that anand snapped by answering " i don't know why you don't understand english". Is the journalist the same as the one who asked anand if he was intimidated by kasparov's presence at the hotel?

  • 3 jaar geleden



  • 3 jaar geleden


    @ acoeus 
    Your comments are degrading and poisonous. You could simply state that you disagree with Taylor1313 instead of using pompous speech to berate people who are making innocent observations and giving their opinions which they are entitled to.

  • 3 jaar geleden



    And Bobby didn't outright lose 2 games to get 2 points behind, he just forfeited his 2nd game to Spassky.

    The last player who recovered from -2 without any forfeits was Euwe in 1935, and the last champion who recovered from -2 was Steinitz.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    I think it is sad for Carlsen (being such a magnificent player) to win using psicological tricks on Anand (not that Anand wont recognize them, but I think Anand is a gentleman and would never do that to win a match). I mean about the chair pointing in the other direction when he was leaving the board (holding pieces in his hands while thinking, etc). I am dissapointed at Carlsen, because I believe he is not a gentleman.

    Go Anand, give that little boy a good spanking.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Since 1951, only one player has been able to overcome a two point deficit to win a World Chess Championship match: Bobby Fischer in 1972.

    Things are not looking good for Anand, but there are still 6 more games to play...

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Since you called me a coward...I'm going to call you an idiot. And also say that you may be a little crazy.

    My original comment:   "I'm a huge Magnus Fan so it pains me to point this out....but Magnus in game six leaves the table in very critical moments during the end game. I don't know if he did this in game 5 because I didn't watch the game commentary. hmmm....makes one wonder is all I'm saying."

    Your opinion of said comment...and I quote. "paranoid" "wild and irrational" "Unsubstantiated claims about cheating" "clueless and unhinged" "smear this event"

    I am must have thought I said: MAGNUS CARLSON IS CHEATING!!!! HE LEFT THE ROOM DURING THE END GAME!!! CHEATER!!! HES CHEATING!! At least that is how your crazy mind interpreted it.

    I'm going to say it once more. There is nothing irrational about questioning weather an opponent is cheating or not. And yes, for the record, MC DID say that more needs to be done about cheating in chess (BECAUSE IT DOES HAPPEN IN CHESS)
    Please re-read my original comment, try to interpret it sanely, and get a hold of yourself. Also get your meds filled. Thanks for the fun...I'm done here.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    If there were ANY suspicions of either player 'cheating' in the match, I can guarantee that it would be the opponent's team that would bring up the question; and not some pundit on a chat forum.

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