Would a human EVER make this mistake twice?

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    eddysallin wrote:

      Your complaint is u won two games pretty much the same way ? Sounds like back door bragging.

    Ha, thats funny.  The reason I brought it up is because I have seen weak engines do similar kind of stuff, where they find themselves in a lost situation and make a non sense move, because there is no solution.  I just wanted to bring up the topic that it is possible for people to cheat with a weak engine, and get away with it.  Because the appearance is that they are not cheating, because people do beat them.  This post has nothing to do with bragging....If I was bragging, I would have posted the game in the "game showcase" forum.  I have nothing to "brag" about in this game, considering how silly the opponent movement was. 

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    Nao83 wrote:

    Accusing somebody of cheating in public is against the rules as much as the act of cheating itself. I know that you did not give his name, but it would be easy for anyone to find that game in your records.

    By the way I could make the same mistake twice, expecially if I played a lot and/or I did not sleep.

    Nao83, it would be impossible for someone to view my history and find these games, as I play many 3-0 blitz games, and his games have not been in my history since they have been wiped out.  But thank you for the post, I agree...I have done similar mistakes where I find myself in the same opening trap because I wasn't sure what to do.  So, considering everyones thoughts, I have decided that there is no real way to determine if he was cheating, only suspicion, which is not at all conclusive.  Actually, he probably wasn't cheating.  This is the purpose of the forum, to clear up any misconceptions and discuss ethical practice.   

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    I used to have old computer chess boards that played relatively well till they didn't.  They would make the same blunder in a position over and over.  You had to avoid that line to get a decent game.  Having said that, the mistake in the games posted is tricky.  If he did not analyze his game he could have figured he should not have taken with his knight without realizing he needed to prevent that position much sooner.

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    but i know where he is coming from. i played some people and thought they played original till i found out chessmaster had the exact same playing style. but maybe coincidence you never know.

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