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    • Chess in Literature: Murphy vs. Mr. Endon in 'Murphy' by Samuel Beckett

      In Samuel Beckett's novel, Murphy, the eponymous protagonist takes a job as a male nurse in a mental hospital, wherein he plays the chess game below with one of the patients there, Mr Endon.   This is not a normal game of chess. It soon becomes... | Lees meer

      • thompunton
      • | 27 nov. 2011
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    • snooker+chess for beginners=steve davis

       If you're in the UK, you may well be aware that the Snooker World Championships are taking place at the moment. If you're not in the UK and you're not British, you might be wondering why anyone would care; you might well be wondering this even ... | Lees meer

      • thompunton
      • | 22 apr. 2011
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