Hip-Hop Chess Founder Speaks at Harvard

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Founder, Adisa Banjoko recently spoke at Harvard about the connections between Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts. Here is a short clip from that talk. A longer audio version will be ready soon. Learn more about upcoming HHCF events at www.bishopchronicles.com  or follow on Twitter @hiphopchess 


  • 4 jaar geleden


    lol... I'm sure all the pseudos are going to love this.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    "Chess has always been a huge part of American culture". 


  • 4 jaar geleden


    pretentious imo. All the superlatives, most this most that, best this best that

    I'd respect rappers more, if they could actually sing a melody or play an instrument,

  • 4 jaar geleden


    This guy could be a visiting professor at Harvard these days or maybe a Nobel Peace Prize candidate or winner.  But when it comes to chess, if the Harvard students want to learn anything ... they should visit Webster University ... home of the Champions!

  • 4 jaar geleden


    This whole thing is awful..

    Just a few things that annoyed me:

    1. How does playing chess "give a person a moral compass?". Of course you don't need religion to have a moral compass, but I don't see how Chess fits into the equation. It's just a game.

    2. "Where is the Rock equivilant of 50 Cent, telling what he did.." "There is none!" Uh.. There are plenty of Rock musicians that have come out with autobiographies talking about how they made it.. And more importantly, what does this have to do with anything?

    3. Martial arts, Hip-hop, and Chess all came to America at the same time? I don't think so. At most we can discern that a few rappers also liked chess and martial arts movies.

    Don't get me wrong, it's good that they are trying to teach kids positive thinking, but everything else about this video is just stupid.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Does this really need an edit every 2 seconds?

  • 4 jaar geleden


    My thoughts exactly, JohnAcker.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Pretty deep stuff.....Alright my new goal in life apart from architecture... Chess, Chess & Chess!!

    Martial Arts is a side-kick and well Hip-hop! I dono!!...let's see :)

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Can you feel him?

    He said "I'm doin' what I gotta do stayin' true to tha crew"
    He said "I'm deep down and dirty I grew up hella early"
    He said "I fantasize about tha dreams havin' big fancy things"

    He said "I can still remember when I stole my first diamond ring"


    just joking

  • 4 jaar geleden


    I am the founder of Steely Dan Stanley Kubrick chess. Look for my lecture DVD coming to your nearest shopping mall.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    Now-a-days the "cool", "in" thing is to dump religion and worship the earth, the moon, a plant, an animal, or even put one's self up as God.  Those both in and out of their ivory towers endeavor to find connective tissue between various subjects and put forth their abstract ideas on how it will pan out.

    No offense to California or those who make a career of organizing, but the ideas/theories and results are purely political and most of the scenarios would only be viable in a Utopia and don't hold water in the real world.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    hip-hop, chess, and martial arts are all cool but this guy's reasoning is kinda flawed.  does chess really give us a moral compass without a forced religious dogma?  i think most chessplayers would agree that this is drawing a long bow.

  • 4 jaar geleden


    There are always these "new" ideas put out there.  Look back, and you will see they aren't the answer.

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