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  • T.T.M. Mirando la luna

    Mirando la luna Sobre el mar crece una luna de satín. Los dos la contemplamos desde extremos diversos. Triste, lamento la noche tan larga y me acuerdo de ti. Apago el farol: prefiero la luz de la luna. Me pongo el capote y salgo. S... | Lees meer

    • mafi_teresa
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 129 keer bekeken
    • | 5 reacties
  • WA Class Championships

    This was one of my nightmare tournaments. This is my only decent game. | Lees meer

  • some LIVE CHESS Games

    Black seeks to B27: Sicilian Defense: Hyperaccelerated Dragon | Lees meer

  • No Flag Better than Wrong Flag

    Pretty self explanatory. Apologies again for the boredom | Lees meer

    • Thmsnsh
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 108 keer bekeken
    • | 1 reactie
  • Experimental Blog

    Just seeing if this works. Having problems making it display the correct flag. It should be an Irish Tricolour. Apologies for anyone reading this blog... it is pretty boring ! | Lees meer

    • Thmsnsh
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 93 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Kormos-Váczi, Bp. I. CSB

    | Lees meer

    • vaczii
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 147 keer bekeken
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  • the magician

    | Lees meer

  • Caro-Kann Defense Refuted

    Clay gets rekt...     So there you have it, the caro-kann has been refuted.      | Lees meer

  • My Path to FM - Week 2

    To see the plan click - here.   This was a busy non-chess week for me.  I still managed to get lots done though.   Tactics I managed to climb from 2021 to 2056.  At one point I had made 2070something but I failed three in a row trying to ... | Lees meer

    • NM ih8sens
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 975 keer bekeken
    • | 4 reacties
  • My Adventure in The Stonewall Attack

    I have been playing the same old openings for years, therefore recently I started looking around for new openings to try and excite my old brain. For white at least I have found the answer in the Stonewall Attack. I have my friend David Rodin to t... | Lees meer

  • Chess Channels

    Hi, here are the list of links for those who are looking for good chess channels. Check them out and enjoy 1. IM Andrew Martin 2. ChessNetwork 3. kingscrusher 4. John Bartolomew 5. Ches Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis 6. Lucas And... | Lees meer

  • Queen vs. advanced pawn ending

    OK so I believe there was an article written about this somewhere between a year ago and a couple months ago. Now I believe that the article in question was written by (I want to say) GM Daniel Naroditsky or IM Silman. The closest article I could ... | Lees meer

  • [20160208]おさわり禁止のiPad Pro

    僕は家電量販店の一角にあるApple製品のコーナーが苦手だが、この日に限っては意を決して足を踏み入れた。額に軽く汗をかきながら。   「(買いもしないのにタカタカとタイピン... | Lees meer

  • Puzzle#13

    | Lees meer

  • Zurich Chess Challenge 2016

    When: February 12-15 Schedule: February 12 - Welcome Ceremony  February 13 - Round 1 & 2 February 14 - Round 3 & 4 February 15 - Round 5 - Blitz Tournament - Closing Ceremony In the classical games, the winner gets two points, if ... | Lees meer

    • aidenkang04
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 98 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Checkmates of the day 52

    World Champion Garry Kasparov beat English Top Grandmaster Nigel Short in the World Cup in 1989: Black to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Vladimir Kramnik won against Russian Grandmaster Peter Svidler in an online game in 1999: White... | Lees meer

  • the big Bang-המפץ הגדול

    המפץ הגדול ביום רביעי , י' אלול (10.9) בשנה שעברה, התחיל במתקן 'סרן' שבשוויץ, הניסוי המדעי הגדול והשאפתני ביותר שביצע אי פעם האדם, ושאותו הזכ... | Lees meer

    • Eden73
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 104 keer bekeken
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  • Chess Weapons for FAST Improvement (All FREE)

    A Bit More of My Story: When I was first learning chess, my problem was a serious shortage of information. I lived in the remote Blue Mountains of Australia and had limited access to chess books, coaching and opponents, and at that time the inter... | Lees meer

  • Grobbed of Victory: Not pulling the Trigger

    Is there a greater tragedy in Chess than ruining a great position? Almost a crime against Chess. One spends move after moving improving the position, building pressure, but failing to pull the trigger at the right time.   Lessons to be learnt f... | Lees meer

  • سرود آفرینش

    «در آغاز هیچ نبود، کلمه بود، و آن کلمه خدا بود» و «کلمه»، بی‌زبانی که بخواندش، و بی «اندیشه»ای که بداندش، چگونه می‌تواند بود؟ و خدا یک... | Lees meer

    • Sunflower20
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 85 keer bekeken
    • | 1 reactie
  • Chess-The game which I love the most!

    There are 2 things why I love chess.It's a thinking game and a game where we can use logic in our daily lives.There are even Mathematical principles in chess.Most of my friends say that they don't like chess.But they don't know the secrecy of the ... | Lees meer

  • Love Chess

    I really love chess. I am part of this community for some time and look forward to learn more from you guys. About me? I am Co-Founder at seo checker and looking to improve my skills at chess. | Lees meer

    • MrPeste
    • | 7 feb. 2016
    • | 128 keer bekeken
    • | 1 reactie
  • Pre Seattle City Championship Report: poems!

    If you didn't know already I can write poems very well, And about the Seattle city championship? Well, I've got a tale to tell. I'll tell you about this experience for your benefit., My only hope is that you will be able to learn from it. ... | Lees meer

  • Menchik-Spielmann, Carlsbad 1929

    Spielmann's 2nd-place finish at Carlsbad 1929 — tied with Capablanca, half-point behind Nimzovich — was one of Spielmann's most successful tournaments.In Masters of the Chessboard, Reti cites Morphy as Spielmann's model, and likens Spielmann t... | Lees meer

  • Agape Love Neither Boasts Nor Is Proud

    by HJS When Apostle Paul spoke of love when he wrote to the Corinthians, his first challenge was expressing the agape love that comes through the grace of God. Sensual love was the understanding which the Corinthians had. Paul, in using the term... | Lees meer

    • JD-ex
    • | 6 feb. 2016
    • | 102 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties