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  • Who gave me lease of new life ?

    I had all along been in the dream state with my eyes closed,I came like the breeze and slowly opened those eyes,Oh breeze, do not pinch me!Oh floret, do not shove me!Oh my dear! my bond!The life in my soul!You are the generous one who gave me a ne... | Lees meer

  • Make Your Ideas Reach the Chess Board

    If you find yourself in Southern California (or you live here) then you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking out the San Diego Chess Club's Saturday Tournament called "The Gambito". The Gambito is a one day, four rapid games (G/45 (5s delay)) t... | Lees meer

    • NM CraiggoryC
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 161 keer bekeken
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  • 2 rooks vs 2 rooks

    | Lees meer

    • tliju
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 64 keer bekeken
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  • Jarred Neubronner claims the Thomson Rapid title again

    In 2014, FM Jarred Neubronner won the Thomson Rapid with a perfect 9/9 score, one point clear of Benjamin Foo. He repeated his title win yesterday though it was harder this time round.   In the critical Round 5 game vs National Champion IM Enri... | Lees meer

    • CM juniortay
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 1003 keer bekeken
    • | 2 reacties
  • Mate in 5 Puzzle, Theme: Morphy's Mate

    This is a mate in 5 puzzle, the theme is Morphy's mate. This is an example of the Morphy's mate:  The puzzle: Did you like this puzzle? And did you solve it? Let it know in the comments if you want. | Lees meer

  • Alekhine game

    Reading the games of Alekhine I like the way he played against openings like colle and London opening.He was able to pose non standard problems for the opponent as at the following game. | Lees meer

    • dimis283
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 72 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Chad Kagen New in Chess Game

    I cherish the chess. Me Chad Kagen play chess daly 3 hour at my home. I am so amped up for this. I truly more appreciate. Much obliged Chad Kagen | Lees meer

    • chadkagen
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 86 keer bekeken
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  • Fritz 15 seems slow

    I was a happy user of Deep Fritz 14, with a couple of reservations, and decided when Fritz 15 came out that I would invest my hard-earned wonga in it. After using it, I do get the feeling that I don't have much for my money. My main gripe with DF... | Lees meer

  • Finally, a win on slowchessleague

    It's been a long time coming but finally i won my 1st slowchessleague game. Enjoy the analysis!  | Lees meer

    • dr_chessdad
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 78 keer bekeken
    • | 2 reacties
  • Blitz

    I finally figured out a good way to practice for blitz games.  Lots of tactics (go to for hundreds of free ones), and experience.  Quick thinking and the ability not to be nervous when a clokc is ticking are key factors in the... | Lees meer

  • April Mustard Seed (2016.5.28)

    Yesterday, I went to a tournament in Solon, Ohio. It was 4 rounds, but I played three because I had a half-point bye in the first round. It was G/30;d5, and I was playing in the open section. I came in with a rating of 1610. What am I waiting for?... | Lees meer

    • hsong1
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 112 keer bekeken
    • | 4 reacties
  • My Recent Chess Games

    Hello!!! For this blog, I would want to share with you my recent chess games!!! You may analyse it. If you want to know more about me, here is my profile: I hope you enjoy my games!!!!!! First gam... | Lees meer

    • HahXianMing
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 103 keer bekeken
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  • Забавни 5-минутки срещу СМ

    Партиите са играни днес, на спортния празник на Софийска вода АД. Не става дума за турнирни, а за леки партии, което не означава, че не се ... | Lees meer

    • Shkembe
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 84 keer bekeken
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  • Chess after so long

    When I started playing chesss I was young, now after transplant de par turcia I still play chess!  | Lees meer

    • MrPeste
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 107 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Ich spiele gern Schach

    Hallo zusammen! Mein Name ist Marc und ich komme aus Deutschland. Ich lebe in Thüringen, einem Bundesland in der Mitte von Deutschland. Ich habe vor ein paar Jahren angefangen Schach zu lernen. Also wer mit mir gerne Schach spielen möchte, und ... | Lees meer

    • hasake
    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 104 keer bekeken
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  • The third manuscript

    The Son of the Man who wrote The third manuscript : The Book of Life of the Lamb ! The trinity takes place with the book of the Lamb Nobody in the world can understand the Scriptures (the bible) without having read beforehand the Book of Life... | Lees meer

    • | 29 mei 2016
    • | 89 keer bekeken
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  • Except a Royal Flush

    "Two passed pawns on the sixth rank beat everything up to a royal flush" - GM Ian Rogers I found this witty line to be no laughing matter in a tense struggle where I had a Bishop and Knight with outside passed pawn, versus a Rook with two connect... | Lees meer

  • کشیش در هواپیمای طوفان زده

    کشیش در هواپیمای طوفان زده کشیش سوار هواپیما شد. کنفرانسی تازه به پایان رسیده بود و او می‎رفت تا در کنفرانس دیگری شرکت کند. می‎رفت تا خ... | Lees meer

  • Treasure Box Tactics

    | Lees meer

  • Battling to a draw versus a master

    This Memorial Day weekend I'm in Lynnwood, just outside Seattle, playing in the three-day Washington Open. With my rating over 1800 now, the only section I'm eligible for is the Open, where I get to square off against a slew of experts, masters, a... | Lees meer

  • How to Solve Chess Puzzles #42

    I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles. Feel free to quickly pause the video before I share what I'm thinking with each chess puzzle if you'd like to solve them on your own. Simply asking the right questions can lead us down the... | Lees meer

  • The gopro hero 4

    I just got the gopro hero 4 black today and it it super nice! It does really great timelapse and 4k video. It also does 12 megapixel photos and it is water proof. I got it and it came with a free remote and battery backpack which is really great. ... | Lees meer

    • ColeZX4000
    • | 28 mei 2016
    • | 102 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • 2016 US Amateur East Day 1

        | Lees meer

    • wyang0216
    • | 28 mei 2016
    • | 93 keer bekeken
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  • An intro to queen sacrifices

    Lots of chess players never sacrifice their queen. That is a pity. Because if you never try anything, it can become more difficult to actually do the right thing at the right time, if you would have the chance in a real game. Why not experiment w... | Lees meer

    • achja
    • | 28 mei 2016
    • | 112 keer bekeken
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  • My best sicilian game I have ever had!!!!!!

    Hello everyone,    I would like to share with you my best sicilian game I have ever had!!!!!!!! Here it is. Please enjoy!!!!!     Feel free to give analysis and comment!!!! | Lees meer