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  • Change Ahead!

    When I was younger, I hated reading chess books. I thought it was boring reading notation like e4 e5...  But something changed me totally.   I saw people out there reading chess books so much I started wondering "Maybe there's more...". So I... | Lees verder

  • Arbitrary achievements

    How many seconds have you been alive in your life? Seriously, take a guess. Just pick the closest number that feels right. What did you think? One million? Ten million? A hundred million?! This question is hard. As humans, we're not used... | Lees verder

  • Llucmajor - FM Santagati vs GM Demuth

    Hi chessfriends! Today I share with you a game played against the GM Adrien Demuth (2542) from France. I hope that you will enjoy it, each comment and tip is welcome :)  If you like my videos, take a look at my youtube channel https://www.... | Lees verder

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  • capablanca vs lasker

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    • cj3456
    • | 18 mei 2016
    • | 160 keer bekeken
    • | 1 reactie
  • Sicilian

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    • KarpatyPL
    • | 18 mei 2016
    • | 143 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Mate in 4 Puzzle, Theme: Discovered Check

    This is a mate in 4 puzzle. This checkmate is played in a game from last year. The theme of this checkmate is discovered check: Black to move, checkmate in 4:  Did you solve this puzzle? And did you like it? Let it know in the comments if yo... | Lees meer

  • Illingworth's Interesting Endgame Examples Taught Today

    (This blog post title was brought to you by Alphabetical Aerobics's alliteration and assonance 'Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazing' )   Before you suspect fellow GM Paul Motwani of hijacking my account today, I should share wi... | Lees meer

  • Mate in 2 Puzzle, Theme: Promotion

    This is a mate in 2 puzzle. The theme is promotion: Did you like this puzzle? And did you solve it? Let it know in the comments if you want. | Lees meer

  • ماه پيشوني

     میون این همه سرگردونی دل من گرفته ماه پیشونی بیا باز دوباره بی تابم کن منو تو رنگ چشات خوابم کن نگو قصه آخرش مرگ منه , داره چشمات منو ... | Lees meer

    • Mostafa1365
    • | 18 mei 2016
    • | 201 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • How to Make Perfectly Carved Wooden Chess Set / Pieces at Home

    Chess sets with extraordinary designs are made of different materials such as metals, plastic, wood, alabaster, glass, marble, camel bone and stone. Stone chess sets are mainly made of alabaster and marble. Plastic chess sets are basically colorl... | Lees meer

    • chessbazaar
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 256 keer bekeken
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  • Another Tarrasch French

    | Lees meer

    • dblackw2
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 238 keer bekeken
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  • Upcoming Games

    Watch for upcoming Slow Chess League games on the live chess server this week:   Upcoming Games Schedule Wed 18th of May 2016 08:00 - 101 Peter Bernsmann (1.0,1529) v Patzer8000 (1.0,1963)  Wed 18th of May 2016 10:00 - 402 Gene Osegovic (1.0,... | Lees meer

    • SirIvanhoe
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 140 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Magicians' Attack

             Magicians attack is invented by POSITIONALchess7 .This attack is really usefull to tactical players like me .I dedicated this to Mikhail Tal,The magician from riga.This is used to get initiative in the opening stage.         ... | Lees meer

  • M#?

    | Lees meer

  • Find the Flaw

    Hi Chess Friends, I recently played a couple of games decided by serious tactical errors in positions where there appeared to be more than one equivelant option. Unlike most tactical puzzles in books, the tactics in real games frequently appear o... | Lees meer

    • NM CoachJKane
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 996 keer bekeken
    • | 6 reacties
  • God's Grace And Tomorrow

    by HJS When I was a kid in school, I found myself constantly thinking about tomorrow - What I intended to do as soon as I could get out of the classroom. The young often dream of tomorrow, thinking of what they are going to do, and the old ofte... | Lees meer

    • JD-ex
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 168 keer bekeken
    • | 1 reactie
  • Journeys large and small: Prague or Chess cafés and The other trains

    Chess cafés There are plenty of chess cafés in Prague, but Šachový Václavák in the Juliš hotel is definitely the mother of them all. Juliš, formerly Tatran, located on Wenceslas Square, in the very heart of Prague, has attracted chess pla... | Lees meer

    • AdamPitula
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 203 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Vignesh's Puzzles 34

    | Lees meer

    • Chess_Double
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 196 keer bekeken
    • | 5 reacties
  • Come On Komodo, Let's See How Hard You Bite!

    [Blog History]      First off, summarizing the picture head used for this blog entry, is that how you're supposed to feel when playing against this engine? Yes? No?? Well, honestly I felt like a human buffet table going up against this thing ... | Lees meer

  • Problem from the game

    | Lees meer

  • By Rook or by Crook

    Black's 16th collapses the white position. | Lees meer

  • invite friend on a 10 min

    when I can see that a friend is logged in- how do i invite him for a 10 or 5 minutes play ? I can only see 1 day or 3 day or more  | Lees meer

    • ordrik
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 221 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Chess Postmortem #3: D12 Slow Slav

    My chess postmortem #3 was one of the best games yet! I got to play a chess master, the one and only Chessnetwork in a simul he hosted. This was quite a privilege and probably the strongest player I've played to date in a long game. Granted it was... | Lees meer

    • tnan123
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 205 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties
  • Beginner to Chess Master #12 - An Introduction to Chess Thinking

    This is video #12 from the "Beginner to Chess Master" playlist. So your opponent makes a move...what now? What thoughts run through your mind, or ought to be running through your mind? We get our feet wet in this video by beginning to develop our ... | Lees meer

  • Dear Chess Friends, I Seek Your Feedback

    Dear Chess Friends World Wide,   Following my recent participation at a FIDE Trainer Seminar and qualification as a FIDE Trainer, I've been inspired to consider pursuing advertising as a Chess trainer. This is something I want to explore furthe... | Lees meer

  • My Most interresting of 2016

    | Lees meer

  • I'm Now a FIDE Trainer

    I obtained my FIDE Trainer qualifaction over the weekend of 12th May to 15th May 2016, conditional on approval by the FIDE commision meeting in September.   A big thank you to the Singapore Chess Federation for organising the training sessions,... | Lees meer

  • David's grand achievement...!!

    Gorey Chess Club congratulates club member, David Remenyik on being selected for the Irish Under 12 Chess team. With help and coaching from Manuel Gardenes, Gorey Chess club Trainer ,David's ability has quickly grown which is reflected in his rapi... | Lees meer

    • Manu-Trainer
    • | 17 mei 2016
    • | 190 keer bekeken
    • | 0 reacties