Spassky's Kingside Attack

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  • | 20 jul. 2007
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Former world chess champion Boris Spassky will always be remembered as the man who played and lost a match to Bobby Fischer, twice.  Boris started out as one of the world's youngest grandmasters,  Here is a game from his early days where he was able to launch a kingside attack after he castled queenside.  A mistake by his opponent led to an interesting mate.  Spassky was playing in the World Junior Championship (under 20), held in Antwerp, Belgium in July 1955.  At age 18, he won the event with a score of 14 out of 16 (total games from the preliminary and final), and became a Grandmaster, the youngest at the time.


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    good game

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    The player of the Black pieces was not John van der Wiel (who played mostly in the 1980's), but rather Joop van Oosterom, the Dutch billionaire and organiser of the Melody Amber blindfold-rapid-standard tornaments, named after his daughter, Melody Amber.  The game was played in the World Junior Championship in Antwerp, Belgium in July 1955.  The final standings were:

    Boris Spassky 8.0

    Edmar Mednis 7.0

    Miguel Farre Mallofre 6.5

    Lajos Portisch 5.5

    Georgi Tringov 5.0

    Dieter Keller 4.0

    Joop van Oosterom 3.5

    Leo Hallstrom 2.5

    Svein Johannessen 1.5

    Samuel Schweber 1.5


    Just thought I'd set the record straight.

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    I agree with both of you Sonofpearl and Bonzlibir..! What a great attack by Spassky.

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    I rarely see a Queen side castling against a King's Indian. Great repertoire!
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    Black could have avoided opening of h file at 14th move could hv been 14... g5 This has made possible further obvoius attack from king side.  This is a very good example game to learn and analyse such things... Game displays the strengths of great Spassky.Embarassed
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    Nice game from Spassky.  It must take a lot of experience to have a feel for when sacrifices to start an attack will be successful.  If you are wrong, it is like giving away the game for nothing. Yell
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    Yes, 20...Kf8 is correct
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    It's amazing that Spassky seems to have all the time in the world to create a Mate that Van de Wiel could do nothing about. I assume on your comment for move 20 you meant 20...Kf8.
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