four move checkmate

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  • | 18 jan. 2009
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never heard of four move checkmate? you all should try it.  the away is just to use your bishop on the kingside and you use your queen.  first you move the king's pawn two spots.  then you move your bishop.  next you move your queen diagonal all the to the end of the color. and then you attack the pawn diagonal from the king.  finally checkmate


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    The four move checkmate is easy to block for example after white moves his bishop black can respond Nh6 and avoid being checkmated and also attack blackes queen.  He has many ways to stop it just not letting the bishop attack is one.  this is an example i see frequently where white does not get checkmate but ends up a rook ahead.

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    here is a diagram of the four move checkmate

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    Hey all

    I'am happy to joining in this group ..& i wish good luck for all


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    Someone would have to be a "rookie" or a "bum" to fall for this one. It sounds good theoretically, but it just doesn't work on anyone who is not a beginner...

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    To be honest, the four move mate is a somewhat dishonerable way to play.  To have check mate planned out before you even start the game completely defiles the point of playing the game in the first place. 

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    DONT TELL THE WHOLE WORLD... thats my move manFrown

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    I have to wonder what prompted this article!!! This is so out of sync with everything else thats under "Endgame".. 

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    'You all should try it'

    Well... I'll be honest, I have tried it! Many years ago, I tried it, and it failed!

    Well, where did I go wrong? I went wrong on the third move by playing 3.Qf3?...

    And you can't try it when your opponent does something else than 1...e5. For example, 1.e4 e6 2.Bc4? is pointless, because it will just get kicked by 2...d5!

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    There really should be a system of a revision of articles before they get published. Althrough, I admit, seeing players with <1000 rating claiming the Scholar's mate as an effective thing which everyone should try is mildly amusing and strokes your elitist smug ego by a nice sense of superiority. Smile

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    ive learnt it ever since i was 10 and only 5 yo fall for this

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    "You all should try it"  Kind of on a low level of thinking.  Try not to just trick your opponent in your games.  Try to play out your game sticking to your principles and learn from your games.

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    Sounds like you're talking about a "fool's mate." Only newbies will fall for this in the beginning of the game, but mating by placing the Queen on the f2/f7 square (for white/black respectively) while covering with another piece is not that uncommon in middle game, at least at club level.
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    Too easy

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