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  • 19 maanden geleden


    That was a really great video, thanks for posting. I all too frequently make mistakes in endgames.

  • 21 maanden geleden


    Instead of g6 isn't it better to immediately take on c4?

  • 21 maanden geleden


    Thank you Grandmaster Melikset Khachiyan.

  • 23 maanden geleden


    Amazing game! It's easy for us to say they are trivial mistakes but they're the GM's sat at the board... fatigue can get the better of anyone, and it seems Anand and Giri both fell to fatigue (posssibly) in their endgames and missed an oversight.

    I really enjoyed the analysis Melik this was a great video Laughing

  • 24 maanden geleden


    great video

  • 24 maanden geleden


    great video

  • 24 maanden geleden


    PLEASE ALLOW FAITHFUL USERS THE RIGHT TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS TO A FILE FOR VIEWING WHEN THEY DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS. We paid a premium price and should get a premium product. UNLOCK your video library to your subscribers.

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Players at my level are told over and over to keep their endgame rooks active, but I, for one, don't really understand what "active" means.  In the Giri game, Rf7 looked more active than Re4 because it attacks White's f pawn while doubling as a defesive guard.

    I'd like if a video author would spend a lot of time saying why this is more active than that, and how to determine activity in a difficult position.

  • 24 maanden geleden


    I too, am steadily becoming a fan of Melikset Khachiyan's videos.

    Thanks GM Melik 

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Great video for those who beat themselves up when making a mistake in chess!  I know a good friend who would benefit from watching this video.

  • 24 maanden geleden


    You, Mr. Melikset Khachiyan, are easily the best teacher on this website. 

  • 24 maanden geleden


    That Anand mistake..wow. That's a basic principle that Capablanca explains in Chess Fundamentals: a king and pawn/s endgame can be drawn a pawn down if you can get "one pawn to hold off two opponent pawns".

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Great advice and so simple when explained in your way.

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Amazing to see that even Anand could make such a trivial mistake.Good video!

  • 24 maanden geleden


    What the hell?! I can't believe how super GM's like Giri and Anand made such mistakes.These endgames should be a piece of cake for them.Great vedio and explaination GM Melik.

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