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    These videos are great. I can sympathize with folks that don't like getting the puzzle correct, only to find out they lost rating points. Personally - I think it's important to recognize that you got the puzzle correct!! I can't stand getting a puzzle wrong - it irritates me incredibly. Incredibly to the point I've reset my stats so many times... I'd rather take all the time alotted and lose points than to get it wrong. Cheers

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    my friend's dad is the owner of ChessTempo.! 

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    A lot of people are deserting Tactics Trainer due to the time constraint and being punished for correct answers. In a proper game of chess, blitz and bullet is not proper chess, chess requires thought and consideration, which takes time. I'm sick of getting minus points for solving a puzzle in 30 seconds. Ridiculous! Chesstempo.com is much better and doesn't punish you for getting puzzles right after a reasonable amount of time. Chess.com need to wake up to member frustration on this issue.

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    I did thousands of puzzles in TT and I never see a timer. I only see afterwards what the average speed was.

    Those puzzles look very much doable if you put enough calculation to it and don't want to move to fast. For me it seems to make a huge difference whether I'm tired or not. If I'm tired I'm playing more of a guessing game, trying to be fast, than too calculate.

    Awesome vids Danny. Both this one and the one called 1200-1821!

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    Great video, as always.  Love your humble yet instructive tone, your ability to acknowledge errors and perservere.

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    This is one of the best videos at chess.com.  Not boring at all (like some of the other videos) and he had a lot of guts to play this live.  I liked the fact that he was analyzing out loud while thinking about the position and moves.  The only thing that would make it more exciting would be seeing the clock ticking down before he made his final choices of moves.  Hope to see more videos like this for Tactics Trainer, solving a few more positions in the 20 minute video.

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    Danny, I gotta give it up bro, ...man that took serious stones & humility, which is a refreshing combination of virtues. To attack this TT at 2800+ level tactics, all tempus fugit pressed against the clock, rated to boot, ...all while teaching & preaching; you deserve a flippin' medal! That these puzzles were crazy difficult and time crunched, with mondo failure penalties, is a gross understatement. That's putting it all on the line for your members bro. At that level, I felt so pushed, I was looking for the rear-end with both hands, in the dark, ...so to speak & more-than-not, coming up empty handed. The remaining rungs on that rickety ladder were back the heck down for me ;'). I applaud you sir! Please keep these coming, as well as recommendations on best chess tactics books (for those of us who still dig paper). I simply can't tell you how enjoyable I find this singularly enthralling, fun & challenging dimension of the game! This is gold for chess.com! Thank you big-time!

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    I saw a game between you and Hikaru Nakamura. AND YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! DID YOU RECORD THE GAME ON LIVE SESSIONS??????????????

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    Excellent! Very useful indeed trying to follow strong players' thinking process

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    Great Stuff.....

    Do it again as alias 'lower rating"

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    Thank you Danny. That was very instructive. Keep up the great work Smile

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    Great stuff!

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    Danny I wached your video yesturday.What I would suggest you do instead of trying to find soultions right away you can press try again and repeat the question.Thats what I do.

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    For problem #3 what's wrong with Nxe5+ first? followed by Rxf7 with various mating ideas

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    I am not a native English speaker, nevertheless I was able to follow the lecture because Daniel Rensch speaks such a clear, marvelous English. Yes, it would help foreigners a lot if he could moderate the tempo, but even so the lecture was very fine and helpful. I was happy to find the Qg6+ solution to one of the last puzzles even quicker as Danny, which made me proud. As for tactics trainer, i use the practice function with a certain level for a long time, i.e. Without time pressure, and this way I always can dind out the solution, learning also for my mistakes. To paraphrize Churchill's saying, that even politicians can make rational decisions, only after they exausted all possible irrational choices, Also I can find out the solutions, after I have committed all possible miscalculations or mistakes in the evaluation of the situation. My rating is not too high, moves between 1951 and 2050, but just because the instability and fallibility of my solutions I decided to practica longer without time pressure. Thank You Danny Rensch to allow us an insight into the way of thinking of an IM with highest rating in tactics! Best wishes, Jausch

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    too fast to understand for an non english native speaking; the videos are definitly not for me. Think about that.

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    Nice vid.

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    Edit: Nevermind, we just defend with Rf1.

    About half way through (the first one you got wrong, where you sac the knight), if he goes Rf6, Rxf6, instead of dxc2, c1 can't he go d2, d1=Q+?

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    NM budda

    @ericlu2010, if white plays Kg4 there, black plays Ke4. Kg5 obviously loses to Kxe5, and if Kh4 or Kh5, then Kf4 or Kf5 respectively. At that point, white is losing the h-pawn which is a pretty straightforward winning ending for black.

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