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  • 14 maanden geleden


    Yeah, this was pretty funny. He said Black's best move was played when he resigned - lol!

  • 15 maanden geleden


    "God forbid they would play d6 or b6. Apparently this is not in their plans. This is a total waste of time playing d6 because it develops pieces. And as we know black does not want any pieces to be developed."  

    Hahahaha awesome =) 

    I just started watching your videos and they are very informative while being very funny at times.

  • 18 maanden geleden


    This video has completely made my day!! Roman you are a legend, very instructive analysis on the blunders of chess development!! Laughing Cool

  • 18 maanden geleden


    GM roman maybe u can tell us the time limits for these games...people play different with time running out

  • 18 maanden geleden


    roman is epic!

  • 18 maanden geleden


    hahahahahahahahaha I love this analysis..I've been laughing since. Thanks Roman

  • 20 maanden geleden


    Absolutely legendary video. Tha part where he refuses to comment on the black moves anymore was hilarious!

    Fantastic video, so instructive and these things are not obvious to us. Made this diamond membership totally worth it!

  • 20 maanden geleden


    Black made the only correct move they made throughout the game, they resigned. Lol

  • 20 maanden geleden


    @Ladya79, You mean you missed the part about the pepperoni? That was a classic!

    Two pepperoni's are playing a game of chess. One pepperoni askes the other "What time is it?" and the other pepperoni says "Time for you to get a watch."

  • 20 maanden geleden


    I wish I could see all 28 minutes of glory and guffaw-inducing gibes from the Grandmaster, but I'm groke - er, broke. *sigh* Please post more of his jokes! xD

  • 20 maanden geleden


    The will go down as one of chess.com classic videos.

  • 20 maanden geleden


    HILAROUS commentary. Great stuff Roman, you've outdone yourself we need more videos like this . Very instructive!

  • 20 maanden geleden


    This was very instructive, very funny, and goes right along with IM Pruess' series on development I've been watching from the video guide.

  • 20 maanden geleden


    A hilarious commentary. "This is not chess. This is abomination of chessboard." I am sure some of my games would receive equal treatment. But I hope to be one of the smarter ones and learn from someone else's mistakes. Thanks for the very instructive--and funny-- video.

  • 20 maanden geleden


    You crack me up Dzindzi.

  • 20 maanden geleden


    dat last name

  • 20 maanden geleden


    "God forbid he play ...d6" I loved that! Thank You Roman!

  • 20 maanden geleden


    Lol that was hilarious! I learned so much :)

  • 20 maanden geleden


    great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 20 maanden geleden


    It is only fitting that a game played well by both sides ends in a draw.  It is just as fitting that a game played badly by both sides ends in a draw and so I don't know why Roman was complaining about a possible draw at one point in the game.  It is also a shame that the game was spoilt by resignation.

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