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    yes listening to roman ignites the all powerful self-existent-light that we all possess deep in our minds. shining bright within the deep dark forest that is chess it allows you to fully appreciate and admire the beauty of the endless patterns created by the seemingly infinite number of branches and trees. don't know about anyone else but chess doesn't really make my body weak. fine on that front thanks. you're going to have to throw a hell of a lot more at me if you want something like that to happen. well I guess it's not fair since I'm not fully human. teleporting demon hybrid here. well I've been up for almost 24 hours so I suppose I should sleep for a couple hours. Innocent

  • 16 maanden geleden


    very good

  • 24 maanden geleden


    Very instructive! Thanks, Roman!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Definitely an exciting game there Roman, great analysis!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    12:52 You said Rb3 check, but it isn't check right?

  • 2 jaar geleden


    great analysis Dzindzi...

  • 2 jaar geleden


    GM Dzindzichashvili, can you shed more light on 6. h4 or 7. h4. I play budapest gambit and I like it so much.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Dzindzi makes my favourite videos on chess.com ...

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Roman: "You are human, ...you are supposed to make mistakes". Well said. Thanks for very instructive video big guy! Keep 'em coming. It's like opening the door of obscurity and turning on the GM-mind-light to the intricacies of what transpired in the game (and not), clearly illuminating those missed opportunities with a well-lit pathway to understanding and appreciation. Really love the humor Roman. Well done & fun as always! Smile  

  • 2 jaar geleden


    great video love it..

  • 2 jaar geleden


    thanks I like this and understood most of your explanations.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    I have learned to love roman recently. 

  • 2 jaar geleden


    At 9:44 why nobody thought of Qxd6 ?


    Anyway, I'm happy to see analysis of 2000 rated games.

  • 2 jaar geleden

    NM NoRematch

    I'm not going to accept any more gambits if the IRS is going to start taxing extra material.  Wink

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Good video. It is interesting to note the number of mistakes made even by 2000 rated players.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    very informing

  • 2 jaar geleden


    "White had mating attack, and instead they go for material, and they don't even win material." Ha!

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