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  • 5 weken geleden


    Very interesting game!

  • 2 maanden geleden


    Thanks, very interesting

  • 10 maanden geleden


    you missed that on Nf7 you could move Bf6

  • 12 maanden geleden


    What about 12..Bd8 instead of 12..Bf8 to leave f8 free for your ..Nf8-g6 manuver

  • 13 maanden geleden


    night takes day.

  • 13 maanden geleden


    nice but im not contented

  • 13 maanden geleden


    Awesome video!

  • 13 maanden geleden


    i was at the Golden State Open!!! :)

  • 13 maanden geleden


    I like the Nb6 plan instead of Q on the B-file...

  • 13 maanden geleden


    Nice game, Melik! Very instructive, thanks for sharing!

  • 13 maanden geleden

    GM GMMelik

    I agree,Be7-d8 looks a bit dangerous.Originally black should try to hold position,at the right moment take on d4,and try to  create the game around e4 pawn.My mistake was in this game,simply miscalculation,but second part of the game,I think black played almost perfect.

  • 13 maanden geleden


    Good stuff

  • 13 maanden geleden


    Thanks GM Melik! 

  • 13 maanden geleden

    NM BrasilGM

    Very Good!

  • 13 maanden geleden


    @ NoRematch - The variation you suggested of . . .Be7-Bd8 to allow room for . . .Nd7-Nf8 and then . . .Nf8-Ng6 looks too dangerous for Black since by using the Karpovian Be7-Bf8 allows that Black Bishop to continue controlling the long diagonal of squares including key squares like d6 and even a3.  12. Bh4-Bg3 . . .Be7-Bd8 for example could quickly allow White to take the initiative with something like 13. Ra1-Ra3 . . .Nd7-Nf8 ? 14. d4xe5 ! . . .d6xe5 15. Bg3xBe5 ! . . .Qc7-Qb6 16. Ra3-Rb3 ! and so forth.  I think the . . .Be7-Bf8 is much stronger for the position at the time :)

  • 13 maanden geleden

    NM NoRematch

    How about 12..Bd8 instead of 12...Bf8 to leave f8 free for your ...Nf8-g6 maneuver?

  • 13 maanden geleden


    Excellent video :)

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