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  • 9 maanden geleden


    Great session! Really enjoyed this one. And to those reading: have an awesome day!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    I use to be able to watch videos from my iPad, now I can't! What gives?

  • 3 jaar geleden


    I love your videos danny <3

  • 3 jaar geleden


    nice interpretation of The Remedy by me ;)

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Thanks for another great live sessions! This was the first one where I watched the games live last week, and although I was a little disappointed then because they looked like easy wins for you, I still learned a lot after watching the video, especially from your comments regarding the initiative. And finally, this one was especially funny, which just makes it that much more enjoyable!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    great video. thanks.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Please play at the Chicago Open 2013, Danny.  It was cool seeing all of the chess.com people there this year.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    You could try a French.. Against the Tarrasch and the Winawer I think you might like dxe4 Nxe4 Nf6 Nxf6 gxf6!? because it gives dynamic possibilites. It has been played by a lot of top players recently, Carlsen even played the very similar variation e4 e6 d4 d5 Nc3 Nf6 Bg5 dxe4 Nxe4 Be7 Bxf6 gxf6!?

    Anyway I really enjoyed the video, thanks!

  • 3 jaar geleden


     ur hilarious :D :D

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Enjoyed the video, bit of a Robert Downey Jr vibe ...

  • 3 jaar geleden


    What do you do if after you push d5 with the c4 pawn supporting it and he just pushes to e5?

  • 3 jaar geleden


    What would be really interesting is a live session where your opponent also records the game and their thinking process at the same time and both videos are posted.

    Seeing different perspectives of the same game might be a new spin on the idea even if only as a one-off.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Nice games Danny, can't wait to see you play some 1.d4 live sessions because lets face it, 1.d4 rules Wink 

    Happy holidays Danny!

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Nice video.It would be nice to see some queens gambit and English openings being played. Also, you could try to contact David press and play a rapid game against him? That would bring a more high level and dynamic game.Anyways,thanks for the video

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Hey Danny, good commentary, as always, but I would like to see you play stronger opponents in the live sessions, I mean you are playing people who are like 400-600 elo lower rated than you, you just usually get a much better position out of the openning and then easily convert it. I understand that it is hard to play strong opponents and do the commentary at the same time, but those live sessions where you played other IMs for example were way more interesting and educational to watch.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Thanks IM Daniel. Your videos are really instructive and your commentary is hilarious.

  • 3 jaar geleden


    The plural of "y'all" is "all y'all"   Just saying.

  • 3 jaar geleden

    IM DanielRensch

    I have no idea Vince Undecided...

    Send a message to support with what Browser, what version, etc you are using. If you are scrolling in iOs (any Ipad, Iphone, etc) and NOT using the Chesscom App on those devices, the page will not load (those devices don't support Flash in the browser setting, so you have to use the App). 

    That's likely it Wink???


  • 3 jaar geleden


    Danny, I am a Diamond member, but when I click one of your Video lessons, I only get the comments page.  I cannot get your instructional video.  Could you help me please.  I can't seem to raise Support.  Aloha, Vince

  • 3 jaar geleden


    Enjoyable as ever Señor Rensch.

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