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  • 23 maanden geleden


    A very enjoyable game and piece of analysis especially when you was saying Nimzovich instead of Gligoric that was a nice comical moment and it's nice to hear a GM sounding relaxed when presenting games! The rook endgame was extremely instructive I myself have so much to learn on rook endgame theory Smile

  • 2 jaar geleden


    this endgame is instructive and helpful

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Playing through games like this accompanied by such excellent analysis makes you really appreciate jut how good Gligorich and Fischer were.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    this game has is it all! Nice lecture!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    great analysis of the game. thank you.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Wow what a gem in the history of the game. Very tense theorical and tactical skirmish. I wonder if one day i could know so much about the game as these legendary GMs. Tx a lot very good choice of game!!

  • 2 jaar geleden


    Give it up for gligoric the great

  • 2 jaar geleden


    You have a great teaching style and you made me laugh when you missed up the names.

  • 2 jaar geleden


    ficher is nice chess master

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