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    Can you do a video on Pown Structure? I would think this would help me out a lot?

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    after rook to c4.if bishop to e2 what will black do?move back or sacrfice

    the exchange?

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  • 7 weken geleden


    Thank you for the vedio GM Khachiyan. I learned new principles for Planning and Evaluation from this vedio.Smile

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    Good video, but it would have been interstingl to discuss what would have happened after the suggested Nb3 (by instead of Bg3 as played Capa) if black had tried ...Rc3 Rc3 Nd5. I'm a 2000 player, but I had to set the position up on Chessbase and run Houdini to see clearly to the end

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    When opponent does 7... a6 8. c5 is a good response (see Epishin v. Ziatdinov, Philadelphia 1997 and Kotronias-Goldin, Sochi 1989)

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    Thank you o great master

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    Thank you for your clarity of thought and excellent presentation!

    Some additional explanations: the game Capablanca-Alekhine analysing by Neil McDonald from his book "Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play"

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    I am only a 900 player so still a beginner, but its only thorugh the application of insights such as the 7 principles that i will ever progress.  Very insightful. It reminds me of similar instruction that Jeremy Silman includes in his approach e.g. searching for imbalances, etc.  I recommend  Silman's books to any beginner.  You will see that its a tool to assist you in evaluating positions.  Thanks again GM Khachiyan.

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    If a beginer finds this video too hard then they need to simply replay it, pausing where they are puzzled and analyzing that position on a board and then use the computer to check it. Nothing worthwhile in Chess is understood by merely watching it once. Learning involves searching for the answers to your questions which in Chess usually means-'Why did he play that move?' I thought the material was clearly presented. It is up to the student to learn how to apply what is taught.

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    Very instructive series indeed. Thank you very much.

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  • 4 maanden geleden


    Excellent video

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    thanks of your very helpful video series...

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    a very good  chess instructor..thank  you for sharing your knowledge

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    chess makes sense to me. nothing else does. 

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    Certainly good and instructive, but not for beginner level. There should a lesson each on each one of those 7 elements with examples and more handholding.This is NOT a request to the GM, but just an idea to introduce beginners into the subject.

    I will continue to search for learning material in this regard.

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    IM Hafez_Bakr

    Very good lecture dear GM Melikset Khachiyan

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    I felt this video was simply amazing!I cannot wait to watch number 2.ThanksPlease be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Good video, moar please!

    Also provides an excellent refutation of the flawed argument that Alekhine was merely a great tactical player.

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