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  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Apr 4, 2014

    "What's the going rate for selling 100 rating points?" Let's start with "It's illegal and I wouldn't do it, and neither should you or anyone else!" Now that we got that out of the way, I can then state "Interesting question! I've never had that ... | Lees Verder

  • Amazing tournaments - Part I - 1938 Avro - Nederland

    In this article I want to show some intresting things from the amazing Avro tournament. The tournament was played in 1938 with 8 best players from the 1938 FIDE list! You can see the player's names: Paul Keres Reuben Fine Salo Flohr Mikhail Bo... | Lees Verder

  • 64 King and Pawn Concepts

    64 King and Pawn Concepts I have created the following table (an endgame"learning board") I share with my students and for chess.com users to take advantage of. Please mentally scan the positions and then leave a comment saying your rating and ... | Lees Verder

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Louis Fogg

    In mathematical logic there is a theorem which basically states "If you start with a false premise, you can prove anything." Back in the late 1960's and early 70's, the main attraction at the Penn State Chess Team meeting often was not IM Donald ... | Lees Verder

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Aug 17, 2013

    On today's show the great majority of questions involved getting better at chess, and most involved openings (with a smattering of endgames thrown in). I think many players have this "improvement model" in their head where they memorize an opening... | Lees Verder

    • What will the rating list look like in ten years time?

      I first published this on my blogger several weeks ago. Please take the time to visit it here: http://thechesscoachingwebsite.blogspot.co.uk/   How the rating list might look in ten years time... With the candidates on the horizon, there's obv... | Lees meer

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    • Forgetting Bobby

      The March 2014 FIDE rating list has Magnus Carlsen at a new record rating of 2881. A phenomenal milestone for our new World Champion, though one should not forget that the world's number two also achieved a personal best this period. Levon Aronian... | Lees meer

      • smurfo
      • | 4 mrt. 2014
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    • Fide rated OTB blitz game

      Today I played  at my first FIDE blitz  rated  tourney. I wasn't too happy to play at a 3+2 time control, as most of my experience consists of 5 0 games online. I was expecting a disaster. It didn't turn out too bad though. my rating will be 19... | Lees meer

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    • Carlsen with record at the March FIDE rating list, increases distance ahead of competitors

      http://www.chessdom.com/carlsen-with-record-at-the-march-fide-rating-list-increases-distance-ahead-of-competitors/ | Lees meer

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      • | 28 feb. 2014
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    • Getting ready for 2014 Candidates

      2014 Candidates Tournament will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia between 11-Mar-2014 and 1-Apr-2014 (starting in 3 weeks). The players having qualified for this super tournament are: 1. Viswanathan Anand (IND, former world champion) 2. Vladimir... | Lees meer

  • Kasparov, Garry

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    Garry Kasparov, originally named Weinstein, was born on April 13, 1963. He is unainamously regarded as the greatest chess player of all time. In 1976, he was the strongest player in the world under age 13.  He became a grandmaster at 17, the ... Lees meer »

  • Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime

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    Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, born October 21, 1990, is a French Grandmaster.  In 2002, he was 2nd in the World Under-14 Championship.  In 2005, he became a Grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 4 months, the 7th youngest GM in history and the 2nd young... Lees meer »

  • ECO Openings With Moves

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    A00-A39 White first moves other than 1. e4, 1. d4: A00 Irregular Openings Anderssen's Opening: 1. a3 Anderssen's Opening, Polish Gambit: 1. a3 a5 2. b4 Anderssen's Opening, Creepy Crawly Formation: 1. a3 e5 2. h3 d5 Anderssen's Opening, An... Lees meer »

  • Foygel, Igor

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    Igor Foygel was born in Kiev in 1947.  He represented the republic of Ukraine in national youth chess competitions.  He became a master in 1974 and later became an International Master of Correspondence Chess.  He immigrated to the United State... Lees meer »

  • Adams, Michael

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    Michael Adams was born on Nov 17, 1971 in Truro, Cornwall, England.  He learned chess from his father at the age of 6. In November 1979, he played in his first chess tournament, the Cornwall Under-10 Championship, and won it.  In 1980, Adams w... Lees meer »