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  • What's Your Favorite Chess Piece?

    Before we even play our first game of chess, we learn how the pieces move. The fact that the pieces travel the board in different ways is our first clue that the pieces themselves are not interchangeable. After a while, we find out about the &ld... | Lees Verder

  • Two Gold Medal Winners in Death Match 27

    After a brief summer break, Chess.com's Death Match returns less than three days from now with a battle between two gold medal winners.  GM Wang Yue (China, FIDE 2713) will take on GM Aleksandr Lenderman (USA, FIDE 2584) in D... | Lees Verder

  • The Master’s Bulletin, April 2014

    SUBSCRIBE HERE --> (You can find the Master's Bulletin archive here) Peter’s Chess Vibes Vishy is back “The World Championship Tournament in 2007 in Mexico City was the first major event that I attended for ChessVi... | Lees Verder

  • Death Match 20 - A Family Affair

    For the first time in Death Match history, we may have to ask the wives to leave the room. American GM Yury Shulman and German GM Daniel Fridman are both married to titled chess players, but there won't be any consultation allowed during their mat... | Lees Verder

  • Personal Experience at the US Women's Championship

    My next few articles will be about the US Championship that took place from May 2-13th in St. Louis. I was a participant in the women's event, where ten players competed for a purse of $65,000 and the title of US Woman Champion. This event is gran... | Lees Verder

    • Magnus Voices Support for a Knockout World Championship Format

      Magnus just voiced his support for a knockout World Championship format via Facebook (post). It's an incredible position for the World Champion to take, and whatever one thinks of the notion, one must admire the integrity of the World Champion in ... | Lees meer

      • SamCopeland
      • | 11 aug. 2015
      • | 1584 keer bekeken
      • | 32 reacties
    • Why do I keep losing to weaker players?

      It sometimes happens in chess that a significantly weaker player than you beats you regularly, ie "he has your number". This is true even for grandmaster level players. In my case, I can drop upto 100 plus points at a stretch, losing game after g... | Lees meer

      • SanjeevTakru
      • | 17 jul. 2015
      • | 490 keer bekeken
      • | 4 reacties
    • Fabiano Caruana: American Again

      As of today (or maybe it was yesterday), Fabiano Caruana (who dropped below 2800 and down to World No. 5 in the live rankings because of Norway Chess) officially changed federations from Italy to the United States. In Dortmund, he will be displayi... | Lees meer

      • smith8800
      • | 27 jun. 2015
      • | 412 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: Fumbling Towards Fide

      Original entry date 13 April   After all of these years, I'm finally flirting with the fact that I need to seek out some "real people ratings".  Playing on line for fun is a marvelous thing, but I'm now finding that when people hear ... | Lees meer

      • veggiegirlie
      • | 21 jun. 2015
      • | 355 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • "It's embarrassing": 0.5/4 and Norway Chess Day 4

      Magnus Carlsen starts out with 0.5/4, the worst in ten years. And there are still so many people out there who are throwing hatred at him. Really? Logic says not. (But he is back down below 2860. Blast it.) Now: -There's much more motivation for... | Lees meer

      • smith8800
      • | 19 jun. 2015
      • | 512 keer bekeken
      • | 2 reacties

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