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    • LIVE CHESS: How to Challenge, etc.

      Because I don’t actually play much chess on this site (yes, I know *sigh*), and never in LIVE Chess, I’ve not been very familiar with how that area of works. That’s when roninreturns stepped in and was kind enough to share a bit of... | Lees meer

    • ♥ Day 3 ♥

      06:30 Not going to do much today. I'm too busy on e-mails. 16:14 Okayyyyy... managed to do some tactics. Got 2 wrong :( Tactics 1398 Current: 1398 Highest: 1477 (Aug 5, 2015) Lowest: 1200 (Aug 4, 2015) # Attempts: 15 Passed: 10 (66.7%) F... | Lees meer

    • What I do at when I'm online

      The first thing I do is answer my Online Chess moves (but I don't have any games going on right now).Then I watch any live broadcasts (if there are any live) and after I get bored or the broadcast finishes I do the daily puzzle and read the first ... | Lees meer

    • The lags are killing any wish to play live chess here.

      The lags are killing any wish to play live chess here. What the hell? Why even setting a premove or a couple of them I have no time? This is nonsense!  | Lees meer

      • Cothurnatus
      • | 15 jun. 2015
      • | 353 keer bekeken
      • | 3 reacties
    • Dear friends, I'm sorry but these days I'm out of live chess.

      Dear friends, I'm sorry but these days I'm out of live chess. I'm very overloaded with my freelance copywriting and journalism that's why I just don't have any time and the needed physical condition to play live chess...  | Lees meer

      • Cothurnatus
      • | 21 mei 2015
      • | 556 keer bekeken
      • | 2 reacties

  • tactis

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    see the tactis whit to play Lees meer »

  • Carlsen, Magnus

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    Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian child chess prodigy, was born Nov 30, 1990, and gained the Grandmaster title (2004) at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days.   He became the 2nd youngest GM in chess history, behind only  Sergey Karjakin and Pari... Lees meer »

  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Lees meer »


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    A lot of players choose to play the french defence in order to slow down the action in the center and hope to play a quiet position. Ladies and gents, here's how you can go ALL IN against the french, especially in blitz! Lees meer »


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    The 'touch-move' rule is [particularly] used in live 'face-to-face'-type (OTB [Over The Board]) tournament- and/or match-format play.  Its use is less common in most formats of internet-chess.  It most likely evolved not only from 'formal'-... Lees meer »