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The Animal group

  • International 
  • Gevormd: 4 mrt. 2013
  • Welcome to The Animal group.This is a friendly group that cares for animals and the environment that they live in.We have matches,group matches and fun stuff,if you care for animals and the environment ,then please join us.

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  • Yes they are lovely dogs Mitch.

    door horsehead 43 minuten geleden

  • Our collie....when we went to school she would be outside even in snow and wait till we came home from school. She was the most beautiful dog.

    door mitchthebuyer 45 minuten geleden

  • Intelligent dogs as well.

    door horsehead 48 minuten geleden

  • They are Mitch.

    door horsehead 88 minuten geleden

  • I had a collie growing up. Whata great dog.

    door mitchthebuyer 97 minuten geleden

  • Maybe he has a bit of collie then Mitch ?.

    door horsehead 112 minuten geleden

  • not that I know of

    door mitchthebuyer 3 uur geleden

  • He does a little bit.I wondered if there was a bit of corgi there ?.

    door horsehead 3 uur geleden

  • He is a Maltese....my mother has a Malti Poo but he looks more like a poodle

    door mitchthebuyer 3 uur geleden

  • A nice looking dog Mitch,what breed is the dog ?.

    door horsehead 4 uur geleden

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