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Elite Pawns

  • United States 
  • Gevormd: 16 apr. 2013
  • We are the elite pawns! This group includes how to use a pawn properly, amazing pawn plays, and more! We will fight like pawns! We do vote chess and team matches! Become an elite pawn now!

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  • Me too

    door Zsofia_D 14 maanden geleden

  • I figured out why this group is dead now, the competion is too high for groups called elite pawns, there are a lot more groups that invloves pawns, this was a too small group to grow, i am sad to say it, but this group was set to die from the very begining :( maybe another group?

    door Gb-9 14 maanden geleden

  • Group is declared dead...I'm gone...

    door SMoore1968 15 maanden geleden

  • hello! hope I can help get this group active!

    door Gb-9 18 maanden geleden

  • Trying my best to get people to join the group but I have to go now soooo.

    door Jackinabox226 19 maanden geleden

  • doing great

    door 913Glorax12 20 maanden geleden

  • lol thanks

    door 913Glorax12 20 maanden geleden

  • no you are not

    door brigatine-66 20 maanden geleden

  • hello how is every one

    door brigatine-66 20 maanden geleden

  • I am a fool! lol

    door 913Glorax12 21 maanden geleden