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master game analysis

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    I always hear people say "analyze master games!" What are some different ways to do that effectively?

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    For me one of the most productive methods of playing through games is to play through a game in about 30-45 mins on average stopping occaisonally. The point for me is to get a balance between the flow of the game and in trying to figure out possible moves and then compare them to the text moves.

    Generally, I play quickly through the opening, go slowly through the middle game, and play quickly through the endgame, unless the endgame is tight where I might go more slowly over it. In short, I do what I want with it, try to take something, even just one thing from each game and have fun with it. That's important. Also Heisman recommends that sort of time frame to gain maximum returns from a game and that feels about right to me.

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    k i was going to go thru evry moves after the opening and: 1) give who i think the position is better for and by a lot or a little 2) give the best 3 moves 15 ply deep. Then check this project with the computer. Would this method be helpful?

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    Write it down or there isn't going to be analysis, it is just casual thinking in the moment.

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    It sounds interesting but possibily a little time consuming and impractical if you are going to do that for every move after the opening. It might be better if you did it after every 5 moves after the opening or every 5 moves or so when not in the middle of a combination. Say you are looking at a game that lasts 40 moves. If you start at move 10 and then do the same at move 15, move 20 when not in the middle of an exchange, then my guess is that would work better.

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    yes that is what i meant writing it all down. And using only GM vs. GM games.

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    oh just now saw the every 5 moves suggestion i think that will work well do anybody have any good game suggestions?

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