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    You are awsome squarology! "you have to develop communication skills with you pieces"

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    I vote for NM aww-rats

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    i vote for squarology

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    Dragons aren't technically animals, more like mythical creatures, so I think it's the Hedgehog players you need to be worried about (you'll get stabbed in the stomach by a ...d5 break)

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    Squarology wrote:


    If I offended any dragon players, I apologize; perhaps I went too far.

    Loved it! Very entertaining.

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    So, what happened with Squarology? His last video for was uploaded 13th January and he was last online on 17th January. He just disappeared without a word. Members in a forum named "We want more of Squarology!!!" is wondering the same thing.

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    Yep, i posted that other forum.... I think that staff or even Daniel Tapia himself could comment on this...

    Also, not too many comments about Roman Dzindzi leaving the site.

    Sometimes i feel a lack of feedback here...

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    I would LOVE to hear what program people used to record their videos (include OS please)!

    Thanks, Tony

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    Hello folks! Squarology still creates youtube content on his own channel. There are other good youtubers/twitch streamers as well like Chessexplained, Amazingoid, Zibbit, Acerook, Chessnetwork (of course), and even the occasional Novice Chess video (self-plug there :p) 

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