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The Communist Utopia

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    Cures everything but flatulence.

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    chess_gg wrote:

    Well, DrFrank124c, thanks for your kind regards.

    And, yes there has been imbecilic mockery (just read back a page or two) especially by the self-admittedly lazy, free-loader, commie bastard OP (who shall remain nameless).

    That aside, I do not believe that I requested your medical opinion. Nor do I see that you are an M.D. So, thanks for all your broccoli sprouts advice. But, I am under very competent medical care by my M.D. and a specialist M.D. I will bring your sage thoughts to their attention, as a suggestion, next time I see them.

    Also, I am pleased as punch that you are now disillusioned about Marxism. I think this is "for the better". And, I do agree that much in life is futile. However, I must inform you that technological advances in life have been so remarkable that I should have been dead on at least six occasions if I hadn't benefitted by science (as opposed to myths and superstions).

    Well, I must go play some chess. I have over 60 games awaiting (here and elsewhere). Meanwhile, I suppose I gave the contentious lumricoid who is the OP more food to masticate and vomit.

    But, I must go take care of other battles! 

    You're a bitter, old hypocrite. My granddad nearly died as a POW in a Communist death camp, and you piece of (well, you know the word yourself) call me a Commie bastard. If you'd be a Nazi, everyone who you don't like is a 'Jew bastard', if you'd be from North Korea, I'd be an 'Imperialist bastard', ... perhaps you untracked from this thread, so you're not going to read this, but if you are, you are like the rudest person I've encountered so far since I registered. I even contemplated to report you, because I feel actually really offended by your words, ... guess you had success with your joyous, little acid spraying. Hell, maybe you're not even real and just pose as an old asshole for shit and giggles. If any mod reads this, he is welcomed to close this thread, I've had my portion of gall for today.

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    "Communist utopia".... an oxymoron right up there with "military intelligence" and "deafening silence".

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    The title was of a sarcastic nature ... I wondered if people took the game of Chess more seriously than I do, by actually taking advantage of the features this site would have to offer to them. And then GK came along and an otherwise trite thread topic erupted into a heated political debate. I never wanted that people get angry at each other, just hearing some few other takes on this subject from the other posters and then let the thread die. Ironically, this thing is the most popular thread I ever posted on Chess.com yet, and at the same time I would like it to be closed. What Chess_gg seems to be oblivious about is that it happened many times before that members asked for a thread closure and a mod did the favor for them ... but he just took a huge shit in here and left, as he graciously elaborated.

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