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Rematch in bullet!how hard can it be?

  • 5 maanden geleden · Citeer · #121


    Even the childish whiners only accept replays when it is convenient for them.

  • 3 maanden geleden · Citeer · #122


    one more of the best running chickens in this site!!!

  • 9 weken geleden · Citeer · #123


    You are a moron.. I wasn't running.. I just play on the seek.. new games.. they are 1 0, you wanna play again then click the seek

  • 9 weken geleden · Citeer · #124


    i think people who don't do rematches are the people who just care about ratings, not enjoying the game.

  • 9 weken geleden · Citeer · #125


    get to 2000 i played some guy 50 games without ever meeting eachother

  • 8 weken geleden · Citeer · #126


    Why would replaying against the same person be more enjoyable than playing someone different?!  There's no evidence for that whatsoever.  More likely the opposite.

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