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The Chess Enthusiast

To learn, to play, to have fun. Smile

    • The Chess Enthusiast: Another French Exchange Victory

      Had another good game in the french. Possibly not as great as the previous post, but neverthess quite exciting for me. I was able to finish off the game with less then 5 seconds on the clock! Enjoy dear readers. =) | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 26 jul. 2011
      • | 401 keer bekeken
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    • The Chess Enthusiast: Fighting chess

      Dear Readers, Played a really nice game of fighting chess last night. Credit to my opponent, who played very well. A slight inaccurate move order cost him to enter the endgame with an inferior position. Thank goodness I was able to steer the ga... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 24 jul. 2011
      • | 518 keer bekeken
      • | 2 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: A nice game.

      Apologises for my lack of chess blogging dear Chess.com readers. I have just moved back to Singapore from my overseas studies and have been busy trying to tie up loose ends here whilst preparing to start working in September.   Last night, I pl... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 23 jul. 2011
      • | 418 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: A nice scotch gambit game

      I have learnt something in the last few days: Never play chess when one is jet-lagged. One is bound to make a blunder and lose. Played a relatively nice chess using the scotch gambit recently, I hope that readers will enjoy it.   | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 10 jul. 2011
      • | 391 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: Tactics and mistakes

      Greetings Chess.com Community, I'm currently enjoying a wonderful holiday in Zurich, Switzerland. It's been a long day, visiting musuems, shopping along Bahnhofstrasse (the main area of shopping) and visiting Rhinne Falls, I was able to squeeze i... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 2 jul. 2011
      • | 369 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: My best attacking game this year.

      I just played one of my best (if not, THE BEST) attacking chess game of my life (No exaggeration there. ) I loved it so much that I couldn't wait to put it up online. The best part was that analysis by houdini showed that I actually played well, w... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 23 jun. 2011
      • | 629 keer bekeken
      • | 6 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: Just a nice game of chess

      I'm glad that my attitude towards chess has shifted towards enjoyment and fun. I always look forward to a good game of chess. Never let your opponent's or one's own elo put you off from playing good moves. Who knows? You might even create a work ... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 21 jun. 2011
      • | 357 keer bekeken
      • | 0 reacties
    • The Chess Enthusiast: Chess improvement 1

      HI everyone! I have decided to do a series of blogs on how I have improved my chess over the past 2-3 years. Hopefully these set of blogs will be useful to readers who are hoovering between 1300-1500's and are looking to make the next leap to 16... | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 13 jun. 2011
      • | 909 keer bekeken
      • | 1 reactie
    • The chess enthusiast: Coffee house chess. =p

      I just played a game in which (thankfully) my scare tactics worked. =p Enjoy the game! =) | Lees meer

    • The Chess Enthusiast: lack of opening theory

      I think the lesson learnt from the following game can simply be summed up as such: Don't play gambit lines without doing your homework first.     | Lees meer

      • gambitattack
      • | 1 jun. 2011
      • | 622 keer bekeken
      • | 4 reacties