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  • Bishop Pair or Pawn Structure?

    In positions like this I often feel more comfortable dealing with a structural defect than exercising the power of the two bishops.       What is the correct way here?  Should I prefer the bishop pair or should I trade that for a damaged ... | Lees verder

  • Opening books, yes or no?

    If you go to the "chess books" section of your bookstore, you may well notice that opening books are the predominant genre of chess books being published today. Consequently, most of the books being read are opening books which leads to the questi... | Lees verder

  • How to Fight the Hippopotamus Defense

    The Hippopotamus Defense, or Hippo Defence, is a chess opening involving a series of 10 passive looking moves that can, surprisingly enough, pack a strong bite if not handled well. The Hippopotamus Defense looks to negate any attempt at opening th... | Lees verder

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