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  • Update Coming Soon

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the delayed post. I have just moved to Columbus and have been pretty busy. I am working on an extensive post that will go up tomorrow. Please post any games/questions you may have and I may include it in my blog! All t... | Lees verder

  • Making a full point out of a rather lost position

    This is a last roung game I played against a very talented Greek youngster. (yesterday!). White came out of the opening (a Modern Benoni) with a clear positional advantange. However, after my bitter experience a couple of rounds earlier (where I... | Lees verder

  • I hate idiots!

    It was very hard to say what I hate in this life until this very moment. Just found that one "expert" from Italy wrote on my chess coach profile page 3 weeks ago: "I think this profile is no real. I asked him to start a training program, and afte... | Lees verder

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