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  • Cool Chess Puzzle #8 - D. Joseph

    This is an endgame study by D. Joseph that was published in "British Chess Magazine", 1922. This composition draws our attention to defensive stalemate resources, an interesting theoretically drawn endgame, and queen triangulation. http://youtu.b... | Lees verder

  • Chess Boot Camp!

    Chess Boot Camp! Step one: Put 15 minutes on a clock/timer.  Step two: Attempt puzzle #1 you must spend at least 3 minutes and at most 5 minutes (at the end of puzzle 1 the least amount of time you can have is 10 minutes). Step three: If corre... | Lees verder

  • Weak squares and pieces activity

    Hello everyone, today I played a interesting blitz game(5 minutes) against a Fide Master on ICC. at move 16. he made a blunder with Bxa6?. He lost the exchange, but the game is not so easy for me and at move 18.. I didn't know what to do  ... | Lees verder

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