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Chess.com is the #1 online chess community with millions of members from around the world! Chess.com provides a safe and enjoyable environment where chess players of all skill levels can learn, play, and enjoy the game together.

Chess.com is built and managed by a team of dedicated chess players and web developers who want to help you have the best chess experience you can!

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  • enkele minuten geleden


    Great site but the mechanics r not quite right. I lost a game I never played and when I asked them to check it out for me they replied by telling me there are no losers while learning chess ? What is the point of playing if u don't play to win, at least correct the mistake.

  • 5 dagen geleden


    very very very gooooood

  • 7 dagen geleden


    when I started a game, i coun't make my move. when I reload the page, I lost. that happened so manny times. Can someone please tell me what s going on?

  • 7 dagen geleden


    I agree with chesttnutty we need to keep the riff- raff out in order to maintain a decent standard in players. TNX.

  • 7 dagen geleden


    How can we report abusive language on chess.com i have had very bad experiences with Indian & Pakistani players but have met some really nice souls here who have been decent & kind. Just now this guy [please do not name and shame others -- send your abuse issues to us at support by clicking on the link in the text above these comments.] from India was very abusive online , i turned off chat for him. Can the chess.com team create a tab in the game itself for us to report emediate abuse so people like this can be weeded out of the system. I believe in one voice making a difference , we don't need to take abuse even when playing a game. Thank you for creating this wonderful site for us but please keep these horrid people out of here.

  • 8 dagen geleden


    there is castling in chess960

  • 9 dagen geleden


    I have a draw with slavita momir

  • 10 dagen geleden


    For anyone wondering Version 3 is the next version of Chess.com.... I've been one of the members testing it as well as the apps that go along with it.

    Here's some information on V3:


  • 10 dagen geleden


    We are transitioning for V3 -- the About Chess.com Page will be completely different. :) 

  • 10 dagen geleden


    The whole list of staff is gone. This page always showed the many members of the chess.com staff. Has something happened?

  • 10 dagen geleden


    goog site.. for creating a tournament there should be rapid rounds also

  • 11 dagen geleden


    Helpful and fun

  • 3 weken geleden


    excellant working team,very well organised,wish you all the best.

  • 4 weken geleden


    I like this site a lot. Hope I can work with them one day.

  • 4 weken geleden


    Great site, best one there is, only problem is constantly being messaged about cheating 

  • 4 weken geleden


    what do you mean this is the last day of the free trial?

  • 4 weken geleden


    is there castling in chess 960?

  • 4 weken geleden


    is there a glitch in the rating system? My rating dropped 11 points afer I won a game against a higher ranked player.

  • 5 weken geleden


    Um Hi

    I was in a turnament and my opponent aborted the game and i got a loss i thought it had to be a resignation

    Please let me know

  • 6 weken geleden


    Hi. Anyone can help me with advertisement on your site? I have a business whose website link I would like to provide on the top or side banners. I have been playing on chess.com for many months and recently thought of supporting chess.com by providing some ads. Please suggest. Regards.

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